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GF505 Pants


The exclusive design of the G-FORCE Racing Gear GF505 racing pants gives the driver breathable comfort with its FR cotton shell and Coolquilt liner. Coolquilt not only means breathable comfort, but is also lined with a special fire retardant fabric that wicks moisture away from your body giving a cooling effect. Nomex® fleece liners used by the competition do not absorb moisture well and are not as durable. Built with all the right stuff including Nomex cuffs, brass zipper with Nomex tape, Nomex thread, a cool, comfortable FR cotton shell and a Coolquilt liner. These pants have a TPP rating of approximately 26. Most of the competition uses a Nomex fleece liner that only offers a TPP of 20 and they charge a lot more for their suit. Styling includes white arm and leg stripes along with the standard front billboard with contrasting piping. So why pay more for less?

Please Note:XXL Size is $139.99, XXXL Size is $159.99.