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G-Force Racing Gear Helmet Restraint System


The G-FORCE Racing Gear Research and Development team spent over two years designing the SRS-1. The design parameters were driver comfort, ease of use, ease of ingress and egress from the racecar, performance comparable to other competing devices and a price that would not break the bank. The end result is that the G-FORCE R&D team met or exceeded all of these parameters.

The SRS-1 was also designed as a complete system to be used in concert with an approved helmet. All helmets with attachment points for the SRS-1 have to meet Snell or SFI certification with the points manufactured into the helmet. They must also meet a test to help ensure the mounting points integrity in the event of a crash. This is a problem with other add-on type devices.

The G-FORCE SRS-1 helmet restraint device consists of a cable that attaches to helmet. This cable attachment allows the driver better freedom of movement to turn their head from side to side. Another benefit to this freedom of movement is that under braking, it helps hold your head up for less driver fatigue. The cable is attached to the restraint strap.

The restraint strap will have a specific length for each driver and may possibly be different for each racecar the driver uses. The restraint straps are available in half-inch increments and additional restraint straps may be purchase separately.

The SRS-1 kit will come with a 12" reaction rod and Velcro strap that is used to perform a measure to determine what length restraint strap is required. Read the instructions with the SRS-1 and determine which parts are needed. Return the enclosed form and any parts that need to be exchange to G-FORCE Racing Gear and the correct parts will be sent to you to complete your SRS-1.

The reaction rod is attached to the other end of the restraint strap. It is encased in a fire retardant material that helps center the rod under the seatbelts behind the driverís head. Based on how the seat belts are configured and what type of drivers seat, the reaction rod is available in one-inch increments, 9 to 13 inches.


No other helmets approved at this time. Existing helmets CANNOT be retrofitted to work with the helmet restraint device.